The 2016 OCGC Board of Directors

Feel free to contact any of the Board members if you have a suggestion, question, or issue.

PresidentBoard Moderators
SecretaryChan, Steve925-930-6858
TreasuryOwyang, Terry510-769-1772
Tournament ChairChang, Norman408-238-7620
Tournament ChairJeung, Ray415-939-6969
Tournament ChairWong, Bill415-794-7416
Tournament Co-Chair ElectOPEN
Tournament Co-Chair ElectOPEN
Social ChairHui, Victor415-787-2020
Handicap Chair-PersonFong, Alex415-387-3341
HistorianLee, Hugh510-530-9182
DirectorLee, Stephen510-339-7320
DirectorShao, Joyce925-376-7019
DirectorWhiteside, Alan415-626-4251
DirectorYip, David510-339-3488